Letter: Mike Keane, Hillsboro

Editor:  This week, we witnessed another fatality in Loudoun County. It wasn’t MS-13 or a gang related death. It wasn’t from drugs, underage drinking, or gun violence. It was another fatality on one of our overly burdened and under-patrolled commuter arteries. Rt. 9 and Rt. 15 carry tens of thousands of commuters through our county every day and to be blunt Sheriff Chapman isn’t doing his job and people are dying.

These two commuter highways are deadly for several reasons. First, they are both two-lane country roads that have become saturated with out-of-state commuters. They were never designed to carry these loads. Second, because they were never designed to carry these loads, the commute becomes bogged down and traffic becomes irregular and drivers become frustrated. And lastly, because the Sheriff’s Office has decided that these roads need not be monitored or patrolled adequately during peak hours, commuter behavior is unchecked and frustrated commuters do stupid, illegal things. These roads have become lawless speedways. The sheriff is not doing his job.

Sheriff Chapman was elected to keep us safe. We all know that there are numerous threats and many have been handled professionally. We have task forces to address some of these threats but the number one killer in the county seems to remain unchecked. We need you to make this a priority, and not just for a little while. We need a permanent law enforcement presence on these roads during commute hours. And please don’t tell us that there is no place for officers to safely pull motorists over. There are ways to address that issue and maintain officer safety. And funding for this program can come directly from the fines and penalties collected.

But it is unfortunate that it seems as if the tasking of officers is often prioritized to whomever contributed to the sheriff’s campaign. We have seen speed traps on residential roads just yards from these commuter highways, officers tasked to oversee events attended by wealthy contributors, and assets prioritized during election cycles to parts of the county with the most votes hanging in the balance. As a law enforcement officer we are asking the sheriff’ to please put our safety first and saturate the commuter roads with officers. As an elected official,we demand that he put our safety first and that he does what he was hired to do: Protect us.

Mike Keane, Hillsboro

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  • 2017-10-15 at 6:54 am

    hey Mikey – instead it blowing hot air and embarrassing yourself with your political rhetoric and self-aggrandizing delusion use your time more wisely to condemn the reckless and irresponsible people behind the wheel that are responsible for the accidents, the deadbeats that are responsible for their own drug overdose, the reckless and irresponsible “parents” that should not be permitted to reproduce to begin with since they don’t have the maturity or the will to raise children, and the evil and psychologically broken people responsible for gun deaths (guns are not violent btw people are. i can tell you don’t “get it”.) But instead for your 15 minutes of fame you reach for that low hanging fruit – Let’s blame other people (government) and inanimate objects for the actions and behavior of the screw-ups in life. how embarrassing that you need to walk around town showing your face after spewing such disillusion here. how embarrassing for your family when others see them to know that you suffer from the self-chosen brain wasting disease known as liberalism for which there is no cure. Mikey. please.

    • 2017-10-16 at 12:21 pm

      Billy – you are off base and out of touch and strangely cruel to Mike. The essence of his letter is to ask the sheriff (and police departments in our country) to do more. How many times do we all see people speeding, driving at half the posted limit, running red lights, passing in non-passing zones, not yielding to pedestrians or other reckless driving. Yet, we seldom see any law enforcement doing anything about it. It is almost as they are giving these selfish drivers a pass for their bad behavior.

      Billy, the real question is why are you not upset?

  • 2017-10-16 at 4:17 pm

    Make 15 north 4 lanes at least but that won’t happen because there is many money donors to our politicians.

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