Letter: David Dickinson, Leesburg

Editor: The letter writer from Purcellville has it wrong when he attacks Del. Dave LaRock on policies relating to residential development, falsely stating Dave LaRock, “… has shown no interest and taken no action on this issue. … he has attempted to deregulate the residential development business…”
Dave LaRock’s actions tell a very different story. Here are two examples.
Five years ago, LaRock led a team of activists (of which I was one) that passionately resisted the Metro extension saying it would eventually lead to intense pressure for more residential development in the west. Current headlines prove that prediction was spot on.  We read in last week’s Loudoun Now that a suggestion from the county’s stakeholders committee, which for the past year has been working on crafting Loudoun’s new Comprehensive Plan, is that Loudoun should allow 18,000 new residential units in the transition area.  The semi-rural Transition Zone (where I live) is intended to function as a buffer between Loudoun’s rural west and suburban east and is an area that for years residents, preservation groups and supervisors have urged the county to protect from further development. The stakeholders group now expresses an interest to radically modify the current version of the transition area to allow dense residential development that pushes west. This is exactly what LaRock and our activist group warned would happen and something LaRock vocally fought against.
More recently, in 2016, LaRock supported proffer reform—even against some in his party—which will have the positive effect of limiting residential rezoning. Many claim proffers pay for the impacts of development but it never works out that way. That’s why we have some of the worst traffic in the nation. Proffers don’t even come close to paying for new schools; if you want proof just look at the ballot on Election Day. Every time you vote in Loudoun you see the option to float $100s of millions of new debt to pay for the schools that proffers did not pay for.
Del. LaRock is being challenged by a self-proclaimed Progressive Democrat who actually tweeted that she opposes a property tax decrease. She likes the rural west but has no viable plan to protect it.  She openly stated her support for Metro as a method for tourists to visit the 33rd District, which is highly unlikely, but simultaneously ignores the housing pressures Metro creates and that it is a catalyst for further eroding and destroying the west.
Del. LaRock is a true public servant.  He scrutinizes schemes to ascertain the real effect on the people he serves and deserves the votes of the people in the 33rd District.
David Dickinson, Leesburg

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  • 2017-10-16 at 4:44 pm

    Lets us not get carried away here it is my understanding that LaRock supports a Potomac River bridge which brings people who need houses all at the expense of some of the oldest neighborhoods in Loudoun. Tia is just another democrat sacrifice.

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