Letter: Chris Tandy, Leesburg

Editor: It’s official: with the official repeal of the Clean Power Plan underway, EPA now stands for “Enable Pollution Agency.”

By scrapping our nation’s first effort to cut carbon emissions from power plants, President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are playing politics with Americans’ public health and safety. And with wildfires ravaging California and communities in the Gulf and Caribbean still recovering from record-setting hurricanes, this move comes as especially callous.

The EPA has a court-ruled mandate to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant; they’ve apparently turned their backs on this obligation, opting to put fossil fuel interests above our public health. With the federal plan now headed toward the trashbin, it’s even more important for Virginia to forge ahead with its plan to cut carbon pollution here in the commonwealth. By doing so we can continue to grow our clean energy economy and, along with other states pledging to continue climate action, do our part to ward off the worst climate impacts, because as their recent action shows, EPA and Trump could care less.

Chris Tandy, Leesburg

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