StoneSprings Hospital Launches TeleNICU Program

A new telemedicine program connecting neonatal specialists from Reston Hospital Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to StoneSprings Hospital Center will allow experts to collaborate, diagnose and treat babies in distress.

“We are pleased to implement this new program which allows the NICU team at Reston Hospital to provide that additional support for a higher level of care via the latest technology to the families at StoneSprings Hospital Center,” stated John Deardorff, president and CEO of Reston Hospital Center and the Northern Virginia Market for HCA.

Pediatricians at StoneSprings Hospital Center can connect in real-time to neonatologists at Reston Hospital Center using specialized equipment that includes medical-quality videoconferencing, secure data transfer and a specialized stethoscope and camera for the physical examination.

The TeleNICU program can be used for a wide range of consults, including interpreting medical data and images, confirming diagnoses and conferring on treatment plans.

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