Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor: Gentry Nalley’s Oct 22 letter in Loudoun Now was concise and absolutely correct. Why is there community and governmental silence about the rape and murder of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen? Nabra’s body should never have been pulled from a pond in Sterling because her murder was completely and totally preventable if only our elected officials done their most basic duty: Enforce the law.

Nalley raises a serious question about county government’s complicity in this murder—one that must be explored in depth. However, this turning a blind eye goes all the way up the political food chain. The murders of Nabra and Danny Centeno-Miranda, another 17-year-old gunned down at a Sterling bus stop, lay directly at the feet of our state and federal officials. They are the ones who ignore and enable violent illegal criminals to roam Loudoun’s neighborhoods.

Democrats do so for callous and calculated political reasons, while Republicans are simply cowed into silence, fearful they’ll offend some group. And the violent murders of our young people continue.

What have Democrat candidates such as Ralph Northam ever done to eliminate these predators among us? Ralph’s campaign ads claim he “voted to crack down on MS-13” yet they’re still here. Ralph is the candidate of out of state billionaires and the well-heeled in their gated communities, but young people like Nabra and Danny pay the ultimate price for his indifference on illegal violent criminals in Loudoun.

Republicans aren’t much better. They talk about it and tout area “gang task forces,” but in the end, they’re still here. The first question we the people should ask whenever we encounter Comstock, Ralph, the attorney general, or any of our state senators and delegates, is what have you done to eliminate the completely preventable murders of Nabra and Danny from happening again? What have you done?

Demand a clear answer, not a mumbled stale talking point, on what they have done to protect our young people from violent criminals who shouldn’t even be present in Loudoun to begin with. They’re accountable, and they serve us. If politicians are unable or unwilling to address the issue, they need to be removed from office. Our silence as a community on this completely preventable terror must end.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg

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  • 2017-10-24 at 1:15 pm

    Chris – I have always agreed with your comments, and your point of this article, but you can’t co-mingle these deaths. Nabra was not in the game, which makes her an innocent victim to the illegal invasion of our Country. This is something that her Imam needs to join forces with our President on versus battling him as he has alienated himself from the White House. Danny was in the game and quit one gang to join another, which is what happens in the violent world of gang-banging. He was part of our on-going problem in many respects. Chief Brown says there is only a gang issue, and not a problem, in my Town yet they extort freely based on conversations with numerous residents. They have had traveling brothels in the projects, malicious woundings, murders, etc. yet it is only an issue. They don’t even do anything at this point to gang members or illegals, unless it is truly serious, as ICE won’t even consider picking them up (and look at what happened recently, the guy escaped custody…..). My Mayor, previously on the Town Council, showed up very late last year when the head of Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force gave a presentation on the presence of gangs in my Town, Loudoun County and NOVA. Surprised?

  • 2017-10-24 at 2:29 pm

    You’re correct LF. Danny was indeed in the game. Be that as it may, he was still shot to death at a school bus stop in Loudoun County, by yet another individual who should never have been in the country in the first place. These are the easy ones, yet politicians refuse to enforce existing law that would have 100 percent prevented these deaths.

    We have plenty of criminals of our own. Do we need to import violent criminals from other countries as well? Some elected officials seem to be fine with that… and they need to be removed from office.

    The chief, sadly, is a product of the town council. I’ll bet he knows full well what the reality is, yet he gets jammed by the leftists on the council to down play it all. Maybe you know LF — has any chief ever told the town council to step off over a crime issue?

    I believe your mayor receives a lot of bad advice…

  • 2017-10-24 at 3:28 pm

    A great letter.

    Chris’s comment also points out why, at the County level, an elected-by-the-people Sheriff is a better choice than a police chief who must always bend to the will of politicians instead of the people who elected him (or, someday, her).

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