Lawn Expressions Gears Up with Support for LVHS

Loudoun Lawn Expressions, a new company hoping to make celebrations larger and louder with lawn decorations, has formed a partnership with Loudoun Valley High School.

Loudoun Lawn Expressions will be displaying Lawn Expressions on Valley property throughout the school year, helping the school promote and announce various school events.

The company has also created a page on its website where a percentage of any personalized lawn expressions and rental lawn expressions ordered through the page will be donated to Loudoun Valley High School.

“When we started this business in May, getting involved with the schools was our first priority,” said co-owner Lisa Harcrow.

“We are thrilled to partner with Loudon Valley High School,” said co-owner Cara Scott. “We worked with the Valley Football Boosters on a successful fundraiser earlier this year and wanted to offer the same support throughout the entire school.”

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