Letter: Gary Szabo, Ashburn

Editor:  The Northern Virginia area has been blessed with tremendous growth and success over the past few decades. Our area has become a dominant economic hub, thanks to a great education system and pro-growth policies that have led to good-paying jobs for working families. A downside to this growth and success, however, has been the horrible congestion problem that has been plaguing our transportation system for years. In many cases, our commuters are on the road for hours in the morning, fully aware that their evening trip home will be just as long. One person that we can count on to help alleviate this situation is our state delegate, Tag Greason.

Our area is one of the nation’s most congested regions year after year and continues to cost drivers hundreds of dollars each year in fuel and dozens of hours sitting in traffic away from their families. Tag Greason has been fighting hard to make sure our tax dollars are put to good use right here at home in Loudoun County and continues the good fight. He helped pass a bill that secured new funding for our transportation system for the first time in 27 years. Before this plan was implemented, Virginia faced a $500 million shortfall in road funding. Now, more than $5 billion will be invested over the next five years to upgrade our roads and build a logical, 21st century transportation network. We have seen this plan on display along Rt. 7, as lanes and overpasses are built to ease the backups. Additionally, this plan has, and will, continue to create thousands of jobs and show businesses that Northern Virginia is a place where problems have solutions.

It’s clear Tag Greason has been a diligent voice working to improve our transportation needs, which is helping Loudoun County move forward. By working to secure a sustainable plan, Tag has provided long- term solutions to our transportation funding crisis. It eliminates our maintenance shortfall, provides money for new construction and fixes a problem that continues to worsen. Doing nothing was not an option and Tag Greason took the leadership position to ensure we would see a solution. On Election Day, Nov. 7, I hope everyone with the same concerns will join me in re-electing Tag Greason to the 32nd District of the Virginia House of Delegates, assuring the future of responsible leadership for all Northern Virginia.

Gary Szabo, Ashburn

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