Letter: David Stern, Leesburg

Editor: Wendy Gooditis is running for dtate delegate against Randy Minchew, a three-time representative.

We don’t have to guess what Randy stands for. He has voted against Medicaid expansion three times, denying 400,000 Virginians access to healthcare and preventing development of 30,000 healthcare jobs. Medicaid expansion would bring billions of federal taxpayer dollars back to the state every year. Despite Minchew’s votes, people still get sick, people still need help. Minchew’s ideological stance is draining money and jobs out of Virginia and hurting those who most need help. There is a more sensible path.

Wendy Gooditis is a career educator who has lived in the community for 25 years. She is new to politics, but she has clearly presented her priorities for Virginia and Loudoun County. She wants to bring taxpayer dollars back to Virginia to expand health care for those who need it. This is a compassionate stance both for those who get ill, but also for the taxpayer! It is time for us to choose a representative who will actually represent our interests and not just interests of property developers and big business.

Wendy Gooditis will fight for us. Choose Wendy Gooditis on Nov. 7.

David Stern, Leesburg

2 thoughts on “Letter: David Stern, Leesburg

  • 2017-10-30 at 9:55 am

    How is she going to pay for adding 400,000 people to healthcare? More federal debt, because it makes her feel good to pander and give freebies.

  • 2017-11-01 at 10:34 pm

    I think there is a misunderstanding here. YOU (norges53) are already paying for the 400,000 folks through your federal tax dollars. Sadly, we in Virginia we have nothing to show for it. The problem is that Minchew / Greason / LaRock and company are leaving this money on the table, year after year, a billion or more per year (https://www.healthinsurance.org/virginia-medicaid/). It’s worse than that. Anyone who does not have health insurance can just wander into an emergency room and get treated at 10x the cost of a preventative visit. YOU (norges53) are paying for that too (and so am I). Medicaid expansion is a no-brainer. This is one reason why we need to get rid of those delegates who are working against our interests.

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