Letter: Karel Svoboda, Leesburg

Editor: Virginia Delegates are up for reelection this November. This is a good time to compare their legislative record to campaign pronouncements.

Randy Minchew (10th) has been a delegate for three terms, all part of a large legislative majority. Minchew prides himself as a “tireless advocate for local schools.” His legislative record contradicts this claim. Minchew has voted repeatedly to drain funding from Virginia public schools in favor of parochial schools and voucher programs (for example, Minchew co-patroned bill 1605 and similar bills). Since 2009 state funding for public schools has declined by more than 10 percent, putting stress on local budgets.

Wendy Gooditis is running against Randy Minchew. Gooditis is a career educator and promises to fight this trend. Let’s send Wendy Gooditis to Richmond on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Karel Svoboda, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Karel Svoboda, Leesburg

  • 2017-10-31 at 4:29 pm

    A solid education is where it all starts! I was lucky to live in Kansas City when the Shawnee Mission school district was ranked as one of the top school districts in the nation. When I interviewed at Rice University they asked me why I thought the school district was so good. I now realize it was because the district was well funded in an area that valued education. A lot of my high school mates still live in the Kansas City area and the recent destruction of the Kansas economy by a Tea Party Governor has had the corresponding effect of destroying the school district. People now understand what they lost and are trying to recover but many of the good teachers left. You shouldn’t have to go to a private school to get an education. Education is a critical part of a voting populace and thus free public education is a right everyone should have. Don’t let people like Randy Minchew destroy the education system we have. Vote for Wendy Gooditis so we can build better schools and attract great teachers.

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