Letter: Edward J. Kiley, Leesburg

Editor: I have lived in Loudoun County for 44 years. I worked in DC for most of those years; I have commuted by every means known, and it is not easy. The price you pay. People are talking about widening Rt. 15 north of Leesburg as if that will solve a problem.

Ask first, before spending millions upon millions of tax dollars before this happens. Unless and until Maryland agrees to put a new or expanded bridge at Point of Rocks or elsewhere (no interest there) and widen Rt. 15 on the Maryland side to Rt. 340, all you do is push the bottleneck a few miles north. And who benefits? Frederick County, MD, commuters? Truckers trying to avoid the scales on I-81? It’s just silly and stupid and a waste of my and your money.

As the line from “Field of Dreams” states—“If you build it, they will come.” That is to say, if you do what is proposed then more and more houses will be built on Rt. 15 and then what? How about eight lanes for Rt. 15? And that doesn’t take into account the damage done to historic properties and one of the ever-shrinking scenic byways in Virginia.

It makes no sense.

Edward J. Kiley, Leesburg

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