Letter: Peter Thomas, Hillsboro

Editor:  I was very upset to find our small, part-time family business as an Airbnb host implicitly characterized as part of a problem in lost tax revenue. We are proud to be not only Airbnb SuperHosts but also tax-paying members of our greater Hillsboro community.

We are registered with the county and state, using the simple mechanism of a county fictitious name filing and setting up to pay taxes with the state. Our listing discloses that we collect the occupancy tax as part of the total price. A very simple spreadsheet calculation breaks out the gross rent and tax from the total, and a quick visit to Virginia iFile once a quarter allows us to file and remit our taxes.

Creating a complicated and costly registry feels like a solution in search of a problem. That said, we’re not opposed to Airbnb calculating and remitting the taxes; that would save me a little bit of “paperwork.”

Peter Thomas, Hillsboro

One thought on “Letter: Peter Thomas, Hillsboro

  • 2017-11-02 at 11:56 am

    Peter – in the greater scheme of things, and I will say this politely, many of you don’t get it. You are competing with bigger business, which apparently many people, both left and right in our government are now supporting as it isn’t just about lost revenue. They want you, the small business person, to meet all applicable fire, health, safety and other building codes, plus every other business requirement, and allow them access to your property, which you will not be able to afford renting out just a room or two. They want to force patrons to local hotels or the B&B”s as some of the pressure is coming from old school money in our County and other political pressure.

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