Ashburn Mom, Inventor Cuts Deal on ‘Shark Tank’

Krista Woods, an Ashburn mother of three and inventor of GloveStix, can now say she’s in business with former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and TV personality Lori Greiner.

That news went public just before 11 p.m. last night when the show “Shark Tank” aired on ABC. On the show, Rodriguez and Greiner agreed to invest $150,000 in GloveStix for 17.5 percent of the company.

Woods has been keeping that huge secret to herself since June, when the episode was filmed. She said she didn’t know until months later that the episode would air. “It’s really an insane feeling to have this incredible secret that you’ve worked so hard for and you can’t share it with anybody,” she said.

The show was televised just three days after Woods was named Entrepreneur of the Year during the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Small Business Awards program.

Krista Woods makes her pitch during the Nov. 4, 2017, episode of Shark Tank.[Shark Tank/ABC Television]
GloveStix is a patented portable odor-management solution that kills bacteria, absorbs moisture and deodorizes athletic gloves, shoes, boots and skates. She invented the product after being overwhelmed by the smells coming from her kids and their equipment after picking them up from sports practices. She first made national airwaves in 2016 when she was named a finalist on TODAY Show’s Next Big Thing contest.

On the program, the “Shark Tank” judges raised concerns that Woods strives for perfection would hinder the opportunities for the company’s growth and profitability, but Rodriguez and Greiner said they were inspired by her passion and early struggles as a single mother. Rodriguez said he was well aware of the odor problems in sports, including some of the players with whom he shared the Yankee’s locker room.

Woods told them that she had resisted the urgings of friends and advisors to apply to “Shark Tank,” but finally agreed to take the risk. “It was my fear talking,” she said. “I know you guys can take my product to the next level.”

Last night, Woods gathered with a couple of hundred friends and family members at The Zone in Ashburn for a “Shark Tank” watch party.

“I was celebrating the success of just being aired, but not necessarily of making a deal,” said Woods, who added that about 50,000 people applied for “Shark Tank” and only 80 were aired. “These people felt I was worth being on national television—that’s really cool.”

The details of the deal she struck with Rodriguez and Greiner are still being worked out. “We’re in the due diligence stage right now,” Woods added.

But if the uptick in sales, emails and phone calls to Woods this morning are any indication, the success of GloveStix is just getting started.

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