Election Guide: Leesburg Town Council

Vanessa Maddox and Joshua Thiel are campaigning to serve final year of the unexpired term held by Kelly Burk before she was elected mayor last fall. The seat expires Dec. 31, 2018, and a new four-year term will be on the ballot next November. The victor Nov. 7 will be sworn in ahead of the Town Council’s next set of meetings Nov. 13-14.

Vanessa Maddox
Neighborhood: Parkview Estates
Occupation: Learning and development
Campaign website: vanessa4towncouncil.com

Joshua Thiel
Neighborhood: Crescent Place
Occupation: Government contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton; owner, JT Kicking and Training
Campaign website: thielforleesburg.com

Loudoun Now: What are your top three priorities if elected?


Vanessa Maddox is running for the Leesburg Town Council.

1) Resolve traffic and economic issues via stronger relationships with elected leaders, businesses, planners and Town Council. Encourage eco-friendly transportation options.

2) Committed to governing with ethics, transparency and accountability. Committed to public service to all Leesburg residents.
3) Protect tax dollars and savings with an improved energy and growth plan. Champion technology advancements and improve Leesburg’s infrastructure.


1.) I hope to help fix our traffic and congestion issues. When we are spending more time in our cars than we are with our family because of traffic, I think we need to address it. We should work with Loudoun County, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) and VDOT to secure needed road improvements both in and around Leesburg to reduce congestion and increase safety.

2.) During budget season, I want to look at our budget and make sure we are spending the taxpayers’ money the right way. I want to make sure we are getting everything we are paying for from the County. I have spoken to a lot of people that haven’t moved to Leesburg because of the double tax and people that have moved out because they can’t afford to live here because of the double tax. Also, economic growth, by bringing big businesses into Leesburg we can get our Leesburg economy moving forward to help lower our residents’ taxes or give them more services they want.

Joshua Thiel [Douglas Graham/Loudoun Now]
3.) I hope to take a look at what we can do for the drug problem. This is a problem that is sweeping the nation and I want to make sure our streets are safe and clean. My plan is threefold:

  1. Create a local task force made up of parents, teachers and law enforcement officers. This task force will meet regularly and work together to identify indicators of drug abuse, create education programs for students and parents, and foster resources to help victims.
  2. Work with Loudoun County, the Sheriff’s Office, Loudoun

County Public Schools and the Commonwealth of Virginia to expand the resources that are currently available to students and parents.

  1. Secure dedicated funding for the Town of Leesburg to administer education programs, victim-serving helplines and other resources.

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