Solarize NoVA Wins State Award

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission’s Solarize NoVA program and the Local Energy Alliance Program won a first place statewide award from the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council.

Since the program’s inception, more than 4,400 residents and businesses have signed up to participate. Through Solarize NoVA, 630 families received home energy checkups that help save them up to 780 kilowatts annually, and 15 multi-family residential units have been weatherized.

All in all, 183 contracts for new solar arrays have been entered into with a rated capacity in excess of 1.4 megawatts with a contract value exceeding $4.45 million. The program only uses Virginia-based contractors.

“We are proud of our efforts in the region to promote both energy efficiency and renewable energy,” stated Robert W. Lazaro Jr., executive director of NVRC. “We are especially delighted to work with our local government partners, our invaluable partners at LEAP and others to help raise awareness of the value of efficiency and renewables.”

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