McGowan Waives Arraignment Appearance

Actress Rose McGowan today waived her appearance to be arraigned in Loudoun District Court.

Her attorney, James W. Hundley, filed a motion on her behalf waiving her appearance. McGowan, who resides in California, did not appear.

McGowan is accused of felony possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutors allege a wallet she left behind on a United flight into Dulles in January contained narcotics. McGowan has said those drugs could have been planted.

McGowan was flying into town to participate in the Women’s March on Washington.

Judge Dean S. Worcester set a preliminary hearing for Jan. 23. McGowan is expected to enter a plea.

2 thoughts on “McGowan Waives Arraignment Appearance

  • 2017-11-19 at 6:32 pm

    So why is defense attorney Hundley allowed to negotiate with his good bud James Plowman (Hundley represents Plowman in a federal civil rights trial and contributed to his campaign for CA).

    This system is completely broken. Lawyers can stop advertising on Google and Facebook and just give money to the CA. Then, their potential clients (like McGowan) will know how to find them and know who can get Plowman to give them a sweetheart deal.

    This county, Commonwealth and country have become so corrupt.

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