Loudoun School Board Finalizes Legislative Priorities

The Loudoun County School Board has adopted its list of legislative changes it wants to see made in the General Assembly early next year.

The board’s 2018 Legislative Program has very few changes from previous years. It asks state lawmakers to provide funding to cover the cost of following all state mandates and for more flexibility to develop new, more student-centered assessment and accountability systems.

Board members disagreed on two points in the program: one that deals with eminent domain and another that asks for a new law that would allow local school boards to retain any unspent money. Right now, the law requires that any surplus funds are returned to the county.

School Board member Debbie Rose (Algonkian) wanted a request deleted from the program that asks lawmakers to permit local school boards to buy real estate without the property being subject to “unrecorded equitable servitudes, easements, negative easements or any other undocumented encumbrances.”

“I value that property right,” Rose said. “I don’t want us to be advocating to diminish property rights.”

She was joined by Chairman Jeff Morse (Dulles), Eric DeKenipp (Catoctin) and Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge), but not enough votes to take the request off the Legislative Program.

Rose, Morse, Turgeon and Tom Marshall (Leesburg) also wanted to delete an item that asks legislators to allow school boards to keep any unspent funds. “I’ve stated before this is taxpayers’ money and this is a valuable check on spending that I think we need to continue to do,” Rose said.

But the majority of the board disagreed, and voted to keep that request in the program.

The School Board’s Legislative Program serves as a formal request to the delegates and state senators who represent Loudoun County in the General Assembly. School Board members will present the program to lawmakers at an annual Legislative Breakfast on Dec. 1, and follow up with a dinner with Loudoun’s delegation in Richmond on Jan. 22.


Loudoun School Board Weighs Legislative Priorities

One thought on “Loudoun School Board Finalizes Legislative Priorities

  • 2017-11-22 at 11:47 am

    I find it interesting that Loudoun Now chose not to discuss an effort by this school board to allow nepotism within LCPS. Currently, if a school board member is elected after their spouse is an employee of LCPS, the spouse can remain working in the schools. But obviously, once any person becomes a school board member, the pressure upon the schools to hire a spouse who applies for a job greatly increases. A school board member can make the lives of administrators who turn down their spouse miserable. That’s why it is strictly forbidden under the Virginia Conflicts of Interest Act. But this school board asked for Loudoun County to be exempted so their family members could be hired even after they are serving on the board. Unlike the Trumps, they want their spouses to be paid for such work including the ability to retire at the ripe ol age of 52 with a $50K/yr pension for life. Why no mention LN? Are we still currying favor to this corrupt school board?

    And why no mention that the school board is trying to dumb down standards by eliminating SOLs in such subjects as science. We’ve seen that only 70% can pass the AP exams (and that is only with a 3 out of 5) but yet all LCPS students pass the much easier “dual enrollment” classes. When we lower standards, we devalue an LCPS diploma.

    Lastly, any attempt to get the state to “chip in” more education funding simply means Loudoun taxpayers will pay more. When the state contributes more funding to all schools across Virginia, Loudoun schools get a lower percentage relative to the increased taxes. Thus, this school board is asking you to pay much more $$$$ to receive less $$$ back from the state simply so they can point blame to the state lawmakers for raising those taxes. It is beyond hypocritical. It is deception, pure and simple and one the main reasons why Hornberger banned me from his Facebook page (when I pointed out how he way lying on this issue).

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