2 Parents Recognized for Saving Teacher’s Life

Quick action turned what could have been a tragedy into an awards presentation.

On Nov. 14, Steuart Weller Elementary kindergarten teacher Joanna Beane presented Jeremy Beck and Megan Poole with the American Heart Association’s Heart Saver Hero Award.

During Back to School Night at Steuart Weller on Aug. 31, Beane, a first-year kindergarten teacher, was meeting with parents and discussing the year ahead when she experienced cardiac arrest and collapsed. Parents raced from the room seeking help from nearby classrooms and called 911.

Beck, a Steuart Weller physical education teacher, was attending the Back to School Night for his first-grade son and Poole, a Steuart Weller parent and nurse, responded to the emergency. Beck and Poole ran to the kindergarten classroom and quickly assessed the situation. They began CPR while another staff member retrieved a defibrillator. The defibrillator was used to re-start Beane’s heart. First responders arrived, took over and stabilized her before transporting her by ambulance to the hospital. Because of the quick thinking and action of parents and teachers, Beane has made a full recovery and has returned to teach her kindergarten class.

Beane told the School Board last week that Beck and Poole definitely saved her life. The American Heart Association estimates that only 4 percent of cardiac arrest patients survive. Beane said that number triples if CPR is started during the first few minutes after a heart attack.

Principal Julia Burton thanked the School Board for making sure there are working defibrillators in all Loudoun County Public Schools facilities.

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