JK Moving Services Going Greener with Electric Tesla Trucks

JK Moving Services is among the first in line to order new Tesla Semi day cab tractors and announced its intention to purchase multiple over-the-road sleeper Tesla Semi models they move to production.

Tesla unveiled the all-electric day cab tractor-trailer on Nov. 16 and provided some details that made the trucks an attractive option the Dulles-based moving company.

“As a leading logistics enterprise, it’s important for us to embrace new technologies that make us a better and smarter choice for our customers,” stated Founder and President Charles Kuhn. “These trucks will lower operating costs and improve the driver experience. This means we not only increase savings for our customers, we further our aggressive carbon emissions-reduction goals.”

Tesla estimates the trucks to have a range of 500 miles and a higher safety standard than other heavy-duty trucks on the market. The trucks will be equipped with measures to prevent jackknifing as well as automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping technology.

“From a safety perspective, these trucks are the way forward,” Kuhn said. “Anything we can do to make driving safer for the public and our move professionals is a definite worthwhile investment.”

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