Loudoun Gov’t Prepares Leap Toward Cloud Computing

The county government is working to go someplace many businesses and localities have already gone: the cloud.

A water leak caused a power outage at the county government’s own data center in January and shut down operations in many departments for days. The power outage came the month after the county’s Department of Information Technology started work to devise a strategy to move the cloud.

Technology staff said moving to cloud computing will help the county recovery faster when its systems go down, along with making the county more adaptable to growing and updating. It would also move some of the cost of regularly updating county technology out of its capital budget and into the budget of the commercial data center, possibly saving money.

The county will first work to move from its own aging, purpose-built data center to a commercial data center. At the same time, the county will work to create redundancy in its public safety computer and communications systems.

The Department of Information Technology is expected to request the funding to begin that process in the fiscal year 2019 budget.

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