Greenway Extension Removed from Leesburg Plans

The Town Council formally took a planned road off its books recently, one that many agreed was never a viable solution.

When planners envisioned the extension of the Dulles Toll Road to Leesburg in the late 1980s, they included a segment that would bring the highway all the way downtown. While there has never been a movement to build the link between the Dulles Greenway’s terminus at the Leesburg Bypass and Catoctin Circle, the merits of the plan were most recently questioned during the Town Council’s deliberations on the Crescent Parke development plan last year.

The right-of-way that had been reserved for the road extension forms the eastern edge of the 53-acre Crescent Parke property. During the review of the application to build 344 residential units and 161,725 square feet of commercial space, the developer and area residents agreed that the land should be kept in its natural state, rather than cleared and paved. Hobie Mitchel, of Lansdowne Development Group, the developer behind Crescent Parke, even contributed $75,000 to the town via a proffer to study the road link’s removal. The results, presented to the Planning Commission and shared with Town Council, show that the roads in that area of town would perform better without the link. That is because traffic would be dispersed on several streets in area, rather than be funneled directly on to Harrison Street.

In a swift action Nov. 14, council members voted to amend the Town Plan to remove the planned road extension from its Roadway Network Policy Map.

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