Purcellville Eyes Revenue Gains from New Fireman’s Field Contract

With new management set to take control of Fireman’s Field in two weeks, the Purcellville Town Council is ready to start making more money on the complex.

On Nov. 14, the town awarded Sean Alexander Enterprises and Play to Win, the regional sports management company that operates Evergreen Sportsplex near Leesburg, a five-year contract to manage operations of the complex—Fireman’s Field, Haske Field, Dillon’s Woods and the Bush Tabernacle.

The contract, which begins Jan. 1, will initially provide the town with almost four times more revenue than it was getting from the Purcellville Teen Center, which has been paying the town $31,200 in rent annually since November 2015 to operate the Bush Tabernacle.

The first year of the new contract will have the new tenants paying the town $10,000 every month—$120,00 annually. Payments to the town will go up by $10,000 annually each year. By 2022, when the contract will be considered for a five-years renewal, the council expects revenue to have increased five-fold.

Beginning in 2020, the firms will also be required to pay the town 10 percent of the gross annual advertisement revenue if it exceeds $150,000. These payments would be made annually, on Jan. 30 in the final three years of the contract.

During Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting, Mayor Kwasi Fraser said the new arrangement would benefit the town financially by helping to reduce the town’s $60 million of debt.

“The way that we can come out of that debt is by monetizing [town] assets,” he said. “We can have a consistent revenue flow.”

Before the town can make any money on the property, though, it is going to spend up to $25,000 for improvements to the Bush Tabernacle. It will also spend up to $10,000 for an initial cleanup of the complex, which will be performed by either the new management or town staff.

Play to Win Chief Marketing Officer Carolyn Dobson was present at the meeting Tuesday night to address council one more time before her company moves in.

“This is not just business for us, this is also very personal,” she said. “This is not just about taking over and managing a facility, it’s actually increasing the sense of community.”

Dobson said she feels the complex has been “somewhat underutilized” in recent years and said her new management team would be organizing a walk-in tour to show visitors the history of the complex.

“We intend to bring the facility back to its original glory,” she said. “Our goal is to increase community events and programming and make this the heart of western Loudoun.”


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