Boil Water Advisory Lifted in South Leesburg

The Leesburg Utilities Department has lifted the boil water advisory issued Monday for the Evergreen Meadows neighborhood and other properties on Evergreen Mills Road. Laboratory testing of water samples collected on Monday and Tuesday revealed no bacteriological contamination resulting from a low-pressure condition in distribution lines.

The town staff has flushed lines in the areas to clear potential contamination and sediment. Some discoloration of the water is a normal result of flushing.

No bacteria was found in the town’s water system. However, because of low water use during the past two days, residents are encouraged to flush their internal plumbing before resuming normal water use. That includes opening all faucets to allow water to run for at least one minute; run washing machines for one cycle before loading clothes; run dishwashers for one cycle before loading dishes; and empty automatic ice makers of all ice made during the boil water advisory and run through a 24-hour cycle, discarding the ice to ensure the icemaker water supply line is clear.

Residents with questions or concerns about the boil water advisory should contact the Utilities Department at 703-771-2750.


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