Greenway Congestion Relief Slated for 2019

The owners of the Dulles Greenway are proposing to construct a third eastbound lane between the main toll plaza and the Centreville Road off-ramp, a $25 million project aimed at improving traffic flow during the morning rush hours.

The project was announced this morning in a press release by Supervisors Tony R. Buffington Jr. (R-Blue Ridge), Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles), and Ron A. Meyer Jr. (R-Broad Run).

The project will be financed privately and would be completed by spring 2019. The request was discussed Wednesday at a meeting of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s Transportation Planning Board, of which Meyer is a member.

Loudoun supervisors have pushed the Greenway to address traffic backups at several entrance and exit ramps. Last year, Buffington and Letourneau introduced an initiative to review of the comprehensive agreement between the Greenway and VDOT. Supervisors have expressed concerns that the Greenway owners are not living up to their obligations under that agreement, particularly on entrance and exit ramps.

As a result of those concerns, the Greenway made lane modifications at two interchanges, at Loudoun County Parkway and at Rt. 772.

“I appreciate the Greenway’s response to our efforts and look forward to continued success,” Buffington stated in a press release announcing those plans. “This much-needed project, along with others already complete, will reduce commuting times for residents throughout my district.” He said he would also like to see a plan for reducing congestion at the northern end of the Greenway, for  drivers exiting onto Rt. 7 west.

“Loudoun commuters pay some of the highest tolls in the country,” Letourneau said. “At the very least, they shouldn’t have to experience major congestion on those toll roads.  Yet currently, that is exactly what is occurring on 267 approaching Route 28.  I’m pleased that our efforts to shine a light on this issue have spurred some action to provide relief.”

“If you’re paying six dollars, these major backups really shouldn’t exist,” Meyer agreed. “The Greenway’s announcement shows they plan to live up to that part of their agreement with VDOT—which is major progress. This won’t stop the County’s urgency in building parallel routes like Shellhorn Road extended to Route 28, but it is welcomed relief to frustrating congestion.”

Terry Hoffman, public and customer relations manager for the Greenway, confirmed the Greenway is evaluating making improvements to the east, but has not yet received regulatory approvals.

Loudoun Supervisors Frustrated With Dulles Greenway Backups

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  • 2017-12-21 at 7:11 pm

    And here the Greenway Partners were, wondering how they could raise the toll? This may be “privately financed,”but you can be certain that the Greenway riders will pay for all it, plus some other unnamed expenses.

    Craig Green

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