Siddiq Wins Leesburg’s Tolbert Award

A Leesburg resident and managing director of a local childcare facility is the 2017 recipient of the John W. Tolbert, Jr., Environmental Achievement Award.

Hasina Siddiq was selected for her dedication to teaching environmental values. She is the managing director of the Sugarland Learning Academy on Edwards Ferry Road. The academy’s “LEAN TO GREEN” academic program teaches pre-school students to care for the earth in their everyday actions. Not only is the program environmentally friendly, but the Sugarland Learning Academy building is as well. The building features geothermal heating and solar electricity, and the children learn about these technologies as part of the curriculum.

“Sugarland Learning Academy’s commitment to teaching children environmental values is unique, expansive, and impressive,” Environmental Advisory Commission Chair Charlie Greenough stated.

The Town Council and the EAC will present the award to Siddiq at the Tuesday, Jan. 9, council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. The Tolbert Award is an annual award given by the EAC that recognizes students, community groups, and individuals who conduct or participate in activities that benefit the town’s environment.

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