It Was a Very GloveStix Christmas

Only Santa’s workshop in the North Pole may have been busier this holiday shipping season than Krista Woods’ Ashburn home.

In early November, the GloveStix inventor and her sports equipment deodorizer product were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, where she was able to strike a deal with the “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner and former New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez.

Not long after the episodes aired, the orders came pouring in, and it’s been a test of Woods’ and her family’s endurance to keep up with it.

“Honestly, it has been insane,” Woods said a few days prior to Christmas, when she, for the first time, had an opportunity to shop for her own family’s gifts and take some time to herself.

She estimated she has done almost $400,000 in sales in the little over six weeks since her Shark Tank episode aired. That’s more than she did in all of 2016, a year that also saw her product featured on NBC’s Today Show and on QVC. She’s sold out on Amazon Prime four times and had to rush shipments to the online retail giant.

Woods, with the help of a local shipping company, has borne the responsibility of sending out orders placed through the GloveStix website. When the shipping company could not keep up with the pace of orders by itself, Woods called in the reinforcements: her family. She’d spend 14-hour days packing and shipping orders, with the help of her sons and her mother.

But with the passing of Dec. 19, the last day that the U.S. Postal Service would guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, Woods found herself able to catch her breath and get ready for the holiday herself. She even managed to find a spare hour to hit the gym.

Krista Woods of Ashburn invented GloveStix, which reduces odor in sportswear, and her home-based operation has exploded. She was on Shark Tank last month and has since sold thousands of GloveStix, so her home has turned into a makeshift workshop and shipping center, with boxes stacked high as she fulfills orders. She has sold a year’s worth of product since she was on Shark Tank. [Douglas Graham/Loudoun Now]
       “Everything I’ve been doing has been work-related. This week I’ve been like, ‘This is amazing. This is what normal people do’,” she said with a laugh.

As she looks toward 2018, Woods said she is excited to continue to grow the GloveStix brand and maintain its rise as the go-to product to beat the “stink.” GloveStix is a patented portable odor-management solution that kills bacteria, absorbs moisture and deodorizes athletic gloves, shoes, boots and skates. She invented the product after being overwhelmed by the smells coming from her kids and their equipment after picking them up from sports practices.

An initial New Year’s resolution is moving the business out of her house.

“I can’t be a one-man show anymore. I have to expand my company and my growth and my employees,” she said. “The first thing I plan on doing is getting the packages out of my house.”

Her Shark Tank deal with Greiner and Rodriguez is not yet finalized, she noted, and remains in the due diligence stage. Woods she said hopes to get a final agreement worked out soon, but, in the meantime, has enjoyed being a part of the Shark Tank fraternity, getting to know other contestants, their products, and how they run their businesses.

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