Keirce Takes Over Planning Commission

Planning Commission Vice Chairman Cliff Keirce (Broad Run) has been elected chairman of the commission, taking over after three years under commissioner Jeff Salmon (Dulles).

Keirce was nominated by commissioner Dan Lloyd (Sterling) and unanimously elected by his colleagues on the board. Salmon then nominated Fred Jennings (Ashburn) to serve as vice chairman, also winning unanimous approval.

“You’ve kind of run things with a sense of style and knowledge and your unique sense of humor, so for that I thank you,” Keirce told Salmon. He acknowledged that Salmon began the current term leading a commission with several new members.

Keirce was asked informally at the beginning of 2017 whether he was interested in the position, but declined because of his work schedule. He has served as vice chairman for two years. He said he doesn’t expect major changes to the way the commission is run.

“I think Jeff’s done a really good job, and he’s a good one to step in behind,” Keirce said.

He said serving as chairman will make him a better commissioner.

“Frankly, I think you have to be a little more on top of your game when you’re running the meetings… I think you have to be a lot more in-depth in understanding of them as chair, and to run the meetings and keep things moving,” Keirce said. “I’ll learn a lot more from it.”

Salmon and Commissioner Kathy Blackburn (Algonkian) are expected to remain the chairman and vice chairwoman of  the Envision Loudoun stakeholders committee. In those positions, they lead the 26-member committee working on a rewrite of the county’s comprehensive plan.

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