Letter: Barbara Davis, Kirkpatrick Farms

Editor: The article on Paul VI High school in your recent issue was missing some key words at the end of the piece: Paid advertisement.

Upon reading many other articles in your paper, I found that this particular piece of writing did not meet your usual journalistic standards. How did it get past the editor’s desk without one opposing view in the entire piece?

The article states “Loudoun families are excited.” I am here to tell you that not all are. For those of us who will spend more time the car every day trying to get down Braddock Toad, the addition of Paul VI HS not good news.

Your article seemed to be nothing more than an almost full-page plug piece for the new school. I, for one, will be very interested to see where Paul VI spends its advertising dollars closer to opening.

Barbara Davis, Kirkpatrick Farms

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