Photo Gallery: Winter Ice Fest Delivers Frosty Fun

Chainsaws, chisels, and an array of other power tools were on hand at the fifth annual Winter Ice Fest and Mega Block Ice Carving Competition, as eight world-class ice carvers went head to head to chisel out impressive sculptures.

The festival drew a decent crowd to Village at Leesburg on Saturday. The temperatures were in the low 30s, but the sun shined bright. That prompted the ice carvers to do a lot of their work behind large curtains, to block the massive blocks of ice from the sun.

“Even though it’s cold, that sun will still do a number on this. I can’t risk it melting,” one carver said to passersby.

Judges picked a sculpture of a bird for the third-place prize, the scorpion king for second place, and a large treasure chest for the first-place prize. The competition was sanctioned by the National Ice Carving Association.

The festival also included photo ops with Washington Capitals Red Rockers and Slapshot, the mascot.


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