Memorial Concert to Honor Broad Run’s Dolores Plant

Broad Run High School will hold a memorial concert for Dolores Plant, its longest serving employee who died July 20, 2017.

The concert is planned for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 24, which would have been her 87th birthday.

Former Superintendent of Schools Edgar B. Hatrick III said he first got to know Plant when she began substitute teaching at Broad Run High School in 1972. He was the school’s principal at the time.

“After a while she made me an offer that we could not refuse.  She would take the first substitute job each day without being called. She would simply come to school every day,” Hatrick said. “If it was a day when we didn’t need a substitute teacher, she would volunteer her time to work in the office. Thus began Dolores’ career at Broad Run, which lasted almost 45 years.”

She was proud to be a native of Brooklyn, NY. She was upbeat, clever and funny. On a “fun facts” form to introduce herself to new students a couple of ago, Plant answered the question about three words to describe yourself in a dating profile with: “tall, thin and sexy.”

Hatrick said that she worked to get to know the students, and they came to respect her and know how much she cared for them.

“Her own family was very important to Mrs. Plant, and it wasn’t long before the Broad Run family saw Mrs. Plant as an integral part of every aspect of school life,” Hatrick said. “Her devotion to all things Broad Run came second only to her love of her husband and son.  She is missed by thousands whose lives she influenced.”

She worked at Broad Run from 1972 until shortly before her death last July.

Those who want to share how Mrs. Plant influenced their lives can include the information in a Google survey at Some of the memories will be shared at the memorial concert.

The concert will in the Broad Run auditorium, located at 21670 Ashburn Road in Ashburn.

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