Letter: Anthony DeFazio, Leesburg

Editor: Many of us knew that when Democrat Wendy Gooditis was elected to represent Clarke and Frederick counties in the Virginia House of Delegates we would see it, we just did not know we would see it this soon.

Here’s some evidence: Last fall, in her campaign against Republican Delegate Randy Minchew, Gooditis attacked Minchew’s 2015 HB 1514, a bill he filed at the request of the Clarke County Board of Supervisors. Minchew’s bill was a good one. It basically would require the state public education formula, called the Local Composite Index, to consider the lower land use value assessment for those counties who have land use assessment to protect farmland and encourage open space conservation, rather than the higher fair market value assessment. The Clarke County Board of Supervisors, together with the county board of Loudoun and Frederick, strongly supported Minchew’s bill as just and appropriate because those counties use the lower land use assessment for taxation purposes rather than the higher fair market value assessment. Minchew’s bill would have brought hundreds of thousands of additional dollars into the Clarke and Frederick County public school systems from the state without impacting the way those counties handle their real estate taxation.

But, during her campaign, Gooditis attacked Minchew’s 2015 HB 1514 claiming in her direct mailers that his bill “would require local property tax evaluations on community property, costing our schools funds needed for local improvements.” Her attack was one of many dishonest ones done in her direct mailings.

So, what did Gooditis do on her first day in the House of Delegates? Answer: She refiled Minchew’s 2015 bill as her own 2018 HB 423.

Unbelievable. Even in politics, one does not see this kind of blatant hypocrisy often, but we saw it on Wendy Gooditis’ first day in office.

It will be a long two years with her in office.

Anthony DeFazio, Leesburg


2 thoughts on “Letter: Anthony DeFazio, Leesburg

  • 2018-01-18 at 6:44 pm

    The writer is correct. The two bills are nearly verbatim.

    Del. Gooditis must have attended Senator Wexton’s seminar on “How to lie to your constituents with a straight face.”

  • 2018-01-28 at 8:44 am

    Remember how Gooditis, Reid, Northham and Wexton were going to change Richmond politics on the front page after the past election, how is that working out? Face it they have nothing great to offer. This is a prime example of why you don’t vote for party ticket.

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