Purcellville Takes Water Tower Out-of-Service for Repairs

Purcellville’s 200,000-gallon storage tank, located across Maple Avenue from Loudoun Valley High School, will be out of use for two weeks beginning today for unanticipated repairs.

Interim Director of Public Works Dale Lehnig said some rusting had occurred around an older, currently unused low water electrode in the wall of the tank and that the impact of the fluctuating temperature during past few weeks prompted the town’s decision to go in and make the repairs. Water from the tank will be de-chlorinated and drained into the creek next to the W&OD Trail. Repair work will begin next week.

The town’s 1 million-gallon storage tank, located at the water treatment plant on Short Hill Road, will remain filled and will be available during the repairs. “Residents should notice little difference in service and there will be no impact on water quality,” according to a town statement.

Lehnig said once the repairs have been made, staff will perform bacteriological testing before putting the tower back in service. To refill the tank, the valve will be opened and water from Short HIll tank will flow downhill through the water lines to equalize the system.

The staff expects repairs to be complete by Feb. 2.

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