Letter: Chris Stevenson, Purcellville

Editor: Several recent national and local editorials, in summarizing 2017, include what the authors say is a paradox: the president’s “genuine accomplishments” and a low job approval. This reveals a deliberate effort to ignore the obvious, disastrous and humiliating turn for the grand yet fragile American experiment in self-government.

The successes consistently listed are those that any given Republican might celebrate, and any given Democrat might lament. The problem for me, a serious conservative, is that this normal ebb and flow of the tides of political wins and losses rests squarely on the back of a part of America unwittingly caught in the thralls of demagoguery. Natural differences of opinion between the two parties have been replaced by Republicans demonizing and even satanizing Democrats. Any and all information challenging the world-view of the Right is immediately swept aside in brutal ignorance. Arrogance, vileness, anger, instability, and ugliness now masquerade as leadership of this “last best hope of earth.” These are daggers that rip the American fabric.

Many seem to be like the flies caught in the spilled honey, who, as they lay dying, exclaimed, “Oh, foolish creatures that we are! For the sake of a little pleasure we have destroyed ourselves.” Yet still, I believe American redemption remains within reach, but only if Republicans come to themselves, and support those who will show us the ancient, familiar, and beloved way, and reject the imposters.

Chris Stevenson, Purcellville

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  • 2018-01-22 at 5:22 pm

    Scorched earth is the democrat way and the sooner the republicans act the same the sooner things get accomplished. Trying to reason with partisans is a waste of time the Senate should go nuclear.

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