Letter: Eryn Gable, Philomont

Editor: It was with great interest that I read Emily Houston’s article “Go Back in Time on Loudon’s Unpaved Roads,” having recently witnessed the unfortunate destruction of one of these precious roads in my neighborhood, thanks to the efforts of Sen. Dick Black to pave Greggsville Road.

Gravel roads add not only to the natural beauty of our area, but also afford a better opportunity to enjoy that beauty, forcing us to slow down for a moment in our busy lives.

For me personally, these roads offer a softer surface for my daily runs and a place where my children can safely ride their bikes without the speeding cars that barrel down the paved roads in our area.

I hope that more of your readers, and especially our elected leaders, realize the value of these roads before it’s too late.

Eryn Gable, Philomont

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