Letter: Eric Tyrone, Leesburg

Editor: In hearing that Neil Steinberg is running for a seat on the Leesburg town Council, I wanted to share my personal experience with Neil as a mentor and friend.
Being born and raised in old town Leesburg, having an early interest in photography, it wasn’t long before I discovered Photoworks which is owned and operated by Neil Steinberg, and KD Kidder.
As a young photo enthusiast I thought what a perfect place to work that would be. So I got the courage and made a short walk around the corner from my family‘s house and up the stairs into the Photoworks shop. Nervously and excitedly I asked if I could work there. The only catch was, I was only 15 years old, so Neil and KD kindly told me to come back when I was 16 years old.
So on my 16th birthday, not a day later I made my way back up the stairs and let them know I was now 16. With a big smile, Neil and KD welcomed me into their family business. I couldn’t have been more excited to be so young and to have a job in my dream career.
During my years working part time at Photoworks Neil gladly mentored me, teaching me the ins and outs of photography, and operating a dark room as that was before everything went digital. He also encouraged me to exhibit my photography which I did a handful of photography openings at an early age because of him.
Neil was a positive and impactful role model in my teenage years which has stuck with me to this day. Not only did he support my education and growth as a young photographer, but he also supported my outside projects which at the time was rallying for a skatepark in Leesburg which eventually came to fruition. Neil and the Photoworks family couldn’t have been any more supportive.
When I heard that Neil was running for a seat on the Leesburg Town Council, I thought “it’s about time“. I couldn’t imagine anyone else better for such a position. I had the opportunity to see firsthand, the open and loving heart Neil has as well as the passion Neil has for a healthy and thriving society, that I couldn’t imagine anyone else better for such a position.
In short, the world could use more people like Neil in political positions.
Eric Tyrone, Leesburg

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