Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

Editor: Investing taxpayer dollars by elected officials is a head-scratcher. You would think a conservative would not buy into speculative deals with second-tier minor league soccer teams.

With a $15 million taxpayer-funded loan, the D.C. United franchise is going to create 50 jobs here in Loudoun. Loudoun-based Defense Technology Equipment will invest $866,500 and create 20 new jobs locally, so you see the tradeoff of $15 million for 50 jobs is not favorable to the county.

If you are going to invest would you want stock in Costco, Wal-Mart, Amazon or stock in Sears, JC Penny and Radio Shack it does appear the Bank of Supervisors is seeking the least amount of return on our money.

Rated as one of the lowest teams, D.C. United is closer to folding like Sears is than they are to paying back a $15 million over 20 years. By the way, there is no investment upfront money by the club. The attendance for D.C. United is 10,000 people less than the league average. If the loan is not tied to the inflation rate, we will get pennies on the dollar back.

Did I mention the $7 million in infrastructure the county will fund I guess out of the goodness of their hearts? Who ever heard of the government being involved in a project of this scope and not running into the 30 percent overrun scenario? No one ever.

Incumbents acting like fat cats with frivolous taxpayer funded loans need to become ex-incumbents in the 2019 elections.

Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

One thought on “Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

  • 2018-01-23 at 9:53 am

    The writer is being nice: The actual costs of the fastest ever action by the Board will be somewhere near 50 million dollars — The county is required to build all of the new roads to the site, while we all sit in traffic on crumbling roads.

    Everything DC United is supposed to do is paid for by …. you guessed it: Loudoun Homeowners.

    This is a complete scam.

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