Letter: George Bardsley, Round Hill

Editor: I plead with the Board of Supervisors to stop this wild growth and business development. There is no need. Loudoun County has one of the highest, if not the highest, household income in the nation. Loudoun County’s growth has been one of the fastest in the country over the past 20 years. Things need to settle down. Keep the transition area a transition area. Keep western Loudoun rural.

More business development will only make matters worse attracting more people to Loudoun where our schools are already struggling to keep up with the growth in population, where housing developments are flooding the rural areas and where traffic gets worse and worse. There is no logical reason to want more business development other than to line the pockets of developers and satisfy the ego of people who measure success on growth rather than quality of life. Arguments that business development adds to tax revenue are without merit. With the wealth of our county and with already high taxes we certainly can manage budgets to maintain excellent schools and public safety with a lot left over for amenities (but not gold plated everything everywhere).

Community input from Envision Loudoun has made it clear that we do not need more growth and that the transition area and rural west need to be maintained. Attracting more development like the Amazon new headquarters will grossly exacerbate the problems. Further, pro developers will want to attach all sorts of tax incentives costing Loudoun County taxpayers even more.

A good start to controlling growth would be to transform the Department of Economic Development into concentrating entirely on encouraging existing agricultural enterprises to continue their business and attracting new, young farmers to startup in Loudoun.

George Bardsley, Round Hill

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