Letter: N. J. McWilliam, Leesburg Golf Association

Editor: For more than 25 years, Leesburg has had at least one pay-and-play golf course, enjoyed by all levels of golfers including at least one former resident who went on to win a PGA event. We are petitioning the Town of Leesburg to acquire the Westpark Golf Course and to add it to the attractions residents already enjoy.

We ask the Town of Leesburg to preserve the space to allow those of all ages and skill level the opportunity to enjoy one of the great games/pastimes ever created. While golf may not be enjoying an upsurge today, it is a game that has thrived for centuries. We ask the town to take a long-term view.

We urge all those in the town who have an interest in preserving golf or just preserving the green space to sign the petition, either in person at the Pro-Shop at Westpark, or by emailing Westpark Golf course, with a your name and address at websiteadmin@westparkgc.com.

The more folks who respond the better.

N. J. McWilliam, Leesburg

Leesburg Golf Association

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