Greenway Owners Seek 10-cent Toll Hike

The owners of the Dulles Greenway toll road have made their annual filing to increase the tolls charged to motorists on the 14.5-mile highway.

According to a newspaper public notice published last week, Greenway tolls at the main toll plaza near Rt. 28 would increase to $4.65, and $5.65 during rush hours. The toll plaza also collects a $1 toll for use of the Dulles Toll Road.

Under state law, Toll Road Investors Partnership II is permitted to increase toll rates annually, subject to review by the State Corporation Commission, which has little discretion to deny or reduce the request. The law mandating annual rate increases ends in 2020.

The requested increase for 2018 is 3.17 percent. Last year, the increase was 3.04 percent. The company also asked for an additional $0.0004 toll hike to offset increases in real estate paid to Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg.

Although state law virtually mandates approval of increases, there is a public comment period before they will be enacted. Comments are due by Feb. 7. They may be sent to the SCC Document Control Center, PO Box 2118, Richmond, VA 23218-2118 or online at The case number is PUR-2018-00003.

One thought on “Greenway Owners Seek 10-cent Toll Hike

  • 2018-01-30 at 4:09 pm

    Their day if reckoning is coming. When the light at Belmont Ridge road gets removed this summer, how many people are going to feel the need to pay the toll when it no longer saves them any time?

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