Lovettsville Gets Another German Street Name

For the second time this month, the Town of Lovettsville has given a German name to one of its streets.

As of last week, the 150-foot section of Town Square Drive that connects Berlin Turnpike with South Church Street has been named Oktoberfest Way. The name reflects not only the town’s German heritage, but also its annual Oktoberfest event, which attracts more than 10,000 people each September.

“It’s just a name that I think works for our town,” said Mayor Bob Zoldos. “It pulls us back to the German heritage.”

The majority of town council favored the name over “Clock View Way” because of its potential to attract visitors to the Oktoberfest event.

Town Engineer Karin Fellers said two new street signs would be installed by March and will cost the town about $130. The naming will not affect any businesses or residents, since there are currently no addresses along this section of road.

The naming comes two weeks after council voted to rename a portion of South Church Street to Kirche Street to resolve mail delivery and emergency response issues related to confusing addresses.

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