Sycolin Road Study Recommends Widening

A study of traffic on Sycolin Road has found the county will need to stick with its plans to eventually widen the road to four lanes, but also recommends some short-term improvements.

The study examines the road all the way along its length, from its northwestern end at Battlefield Parkway in Leesburg to its southeastern intersection with Belmont Ridge Road and Ashburn Farm Parkway.

There are already three projects underway on the road: a Town of Leesburg widening project to build a four-lane divided road from Tolbert Lane to the town limits; the county’s ongoing work on Crosstrail Boulevard, which will include a new intersection with traffic lights on Sycolin; and work at the Academies of Loudoun, which includes turn lanes on the school’s entrance.

The study found morning rush hour does not experience significant congestion, but the evening rush hour does. It also found congestion problems on the Dulles Greenway at the Leesburg Bypass are pushing westbound commuters to exit earlier and take Sycolin Road, increasing the strain on the public road.

Based on the findings in the study, which also included surveys of traffic at intersections and bridges, and considering future development, county transportation staff recommended several near-term improvements to the road. Those include: adjusting traffic signal timing between Battlefield Parkway and Loudoun Center Place; pavement restriping near Loudoun Center Place to allow for two northbound lanes through the intersection; more warning signs around the curve going northbound approaching Shreve Mill Road; widening Sycolin Road to four lanes between Belmont Ridge Road to beyond the Century Corner Drive intersection to better handle traffic through Goose Creek Village; and improvements to road shoulders and lines of sight.

In the long term, the county plans to expand all of Sycolin Road to a four-lane divided road. This will involve widening the four bridges along the road.

One thought on “Sycolin Road Study Recommends Widening

  • 2018-01-31 at 4:40 pm

    More smoke and mirrors. Notice there’s no date on any of these “improvements,” short or near term.

    Gee, if only the Board of Supervisors had taken some of our tax money, rather than giving it away to multi-millionaires, and used it to improve real traffic issues facing real people in Loudoun. Ho hum.

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