Letter: Kate Maxwell, Ashburn

Editor: A pluralistic society such as our own should not be required to tolerate intolerance if it wants to continue to function as such. There should be no obligation to give a platform to viewpoints that seek to promote one race, religion, or sexual orientation over another.

Hate groups only exist because they promote the condemnation of everyone who isn’t white, Christian, or heterosexual to second-class citizenship and worse. Extremist ideologies such as those espoused by the KKK and Neo-Nazis put people in the hospital and the cemetery. If we continue to pretend that these ideologies are morally equivalent to the one enshrined in the Declaration of Independence that claims all men are created equal, then we have sealed our own doom. We may as well be Germany in the 1930s. Belonging to a hate group ought to be a criminal offense in this country, which is precisely what Germany has done by banning the Nazi party. They are no less of a liberal democracy for it. They have no desire to relive the horror of the 30’s and 40’s. Neither should we.

I have enough life experience to know that not every area in life is clear-cut, black and white. There is lots of room for nuance, uncertainty, and subjectivity, but never when it comes to hate. White supremacy is evil, plain and simple, and its monstrous children are violence and murder. Even if not a single violent event were to occur at any KKK or Neo-Nazi rally, their mission is the opposite of peaceful. These are domestic terrorists who claim a “purified” vision of America that never existed in the first place and will never exist.

Their presence in the public sphere, including their pamphlets that recently littered lawns and doorsteps in Leesburg, is calculated to induce fear and intimidation. No one in this country in 2018, especially in diverse, multicultural Northern Virginia, should be afraid to go about their daily lives because of the color of their skin, or where they were born, or because they are wearing a yarmulke or a head scarf. White supremacist hate groups want these Americans, adults and children, to fear for their safety and their very lives. It’s despicable and cowardly, and I don’t understand how it can be protected by the First Amendment. Praise for the holocaust and wishing millions more dead isn’t just some harmless opinion. I Whether one person is being threatened or millions, a death threat is a death threat.

I commend the Leesburg police for removing this garbage from people’s property. I sincerely hope law enforcement will continue to take this menace seriously, do everything they can to track down the perpetrator(s), and slap the toughest charges they can on them, but unfortunately, the laws aren’t tough enough.

Hopefully it won’t be too late when we as a society finally decide to stop protecting those who want to wipe out large swaths of the country under the guise of freedom of speech.

Kate Maxwell, Ashburn

4 thoughts on “Letter: Kate Maxwell, Ashburn

  • 2018-02-02 at 11:27 am

    Wow, what a bunch of hate filled garbage. White Christian people are inveterate haters? So black and Asians – just to choose two – can’t be haters too? And how about Islam which demands sharia law which oppresses women, calls for their genital mutilation, calls for the murder or submission of all non-Muslims, and the murder of all homosexuals, that is isn’t hateful? Or, are you just too afraid to say anything about Muslims because they might hate on you and actually hurt you where as you know white Christians won’t? So, if America is so awful why don’t you leave and move to another place because apparently just being white is too awful to bear. However, I wouldn’t recommend the UK, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, etc. because they are filled with white people – what some people used to call the developed world, civilization. Perhaps North Korea would be the best because there everyone is non-white, hates America and all but the very elite are equally miserably poor. Mexico is perhaps another good choice for you but maybe ask yourself why so many Mexicans and the rest of the world still want to come to the incurably racist hate-filled US?

    Stop drinking the cool-aid and wake up. All people are imperfect, but I prefer, like Dr. King, to judge people by the caliber of their character rather than the color of their skin. Hate promoted as love and tolerance is a remarkable sophistic performance. When men can be women and women can be men just because they wish it so, when we declare the religion of terrorism the religion of peace and the king of peace a man of hate we have reached a very sad place.

  • 2018-02-02 at 12:18 pm

    Under the guise of freedom of speech? You approve of the police, and by extension, the state deciding what you can and can not read?

    What’s next? This newspaper writes a story you don’t approve of — shut it down? You’re neighbor subscribes to publications you don’t approve of — off to jail with them? Public speakers who don’t fit your authoritarian world view should be hauled off to re-education camp?

    The writer is the scary one here.

  • 2018-02-03 at 8:32 am

    Sure, let’s ban hate groups and force them underground where they can slow grow in both number and hatred.

    Let’s pretend for a minute that the first amendment no longer exists. Now the government has the power to regulate speech. It can shut down all the white supremacist hate groups. Now whose next?
    Black Panthers? Antifa? Black Bloc? How about Indivisible? I know! The Tea Party!

    Here’s a question, what do you think about what’s going on in the Trump administration? Republicans in Congress?
    I’d bet money there’s a little anger there. I’m willing to go as far as to think that maybe you are appalled at the thought the president will somehow shut down the investigation and silence Muller and his team.

    Yup, let’s let the government get rid of all these hate groups and ideologies. We can be like 1930s Germany. Start small with little groups such as the KKK, nobody will notice much, then the government can move on to other groups they think are hateful.

    I’m done pretending now, I’ll keep government out of speech.

    Ps. The federal government does not designate domestic groups because it sets a precedent, even it knows it shouldn’t have that much power.

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