Letter: Ron Campbell, Leesburg Town Council

Editor: The latest editorial in Loudoun Now points out many important issues facing the Leesburg Town Council and the difficulty in reaching decisions when over the last few years there have been temporary appointments and special elections to fill vacancies created by elections and resignations.

Leesburg deserves full representation and advocacy at all levels at all times, no matter who is in office. This reluctance to cross party lines has hurt Leesburg in getting local transportation funding, human services support, attention for issues concerning our local schools, identifying additional tax benefits from Loudoun County and in making better decisions as a Town Council. I have heard too often that all we need is four votes to pass an item but I can tell you that four votes does not always get to the right decision. We need to have elected officials who are willing to talk to each other and have intelligent and thoughtful conversation.

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, you have an opportunity to help your town to remove the partisanship that has overtaken the ability to make good decisions in the best interest of the town and not the party.

Two of the candidates Gwen Pangle and Josh Theil are running unendorsed in favor of pledging to work for all residents of the town and not the party.

“Council work is a serious role-up-your-sleeves kind of community service. Residents haven’t been and won’t be-well served by partisan panderers or political opportunists: The job is bigger than that.” —Editorial Loudoun Now, 2/1/2018.

As you make your choice for the election on Tuesday, Feb. 6, know that this election has important consequences for our town over the next 20 years and it does matter. I strongly urge you to learn, reflect and choose based on the priorities and capabilities of the person and not a party.

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Ron Campbell, Leesburg Town Council

One thought on “Letter: Ron Campbell, Leesburg Town Council

  • 2018-02-07 at 8:01 pm

    These two faced politicians are something else. He touts 16 years living in Leesburg and even points out that he had no public service during that time. This Campbell might even have more than two faces. He wanted to get appointed to the open Mayor seat that Butler got. Then Council was bad for not selecting him. He wanted the Loudoun County Democrat party change candidate selection when they did not pick him to run for higher office. Then he got upset again when he was not selected to fill another open town council seat. He was a huge Democrat team player when he needed the party endorsement to help him get elected to Council in November 2016. Then once he was on Council he announces his run for Mayor. He was told that he would not get the party nomination. Now he is the champion of non-partisanship. He complains about not getting his party nod but maybe if he had been involved with his community and his party it would be different.

    This guy is only in this for future political climbing. And because he has not been involved he gets very few facts correct as proven by this letter and what he sees as the role of Council. He is also wrong about endorsements.

    Theil was endorsed by the County GOP. Steinburg got the endorsement from the Democrat party over Pangle because it was his turn. Stienburg stepped down as a good foot soldier of the party so Maddox could be endorsed and secure all the democrat votes. He was told that it would be his turn next time. But when Ken Reid resigned Steinburgs time came faster than expected. Pangal was told she would not get the party endorsement because it was Steinburg’s turn.

    Non-partisian runs are usually the result of not being able to first secure a party endorsement.

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