Oracle Rollout Causes Wrong W-2s for Loudoun’s County Employees

Continued bumps in the road adopting the Loudoun County government’s new Enterprise Resource Planning software caused many county employees to receive W-2 forms with wrong information.

According to the Department of Finance and Procurement, the county’s new Oracle payroll software did not correctly fill in some fields on W-2 forms, resulting in wrong employer benefits information.

Public Affairs and Communications Officer Glen Barbour said it is unknown how many employees were affected. The county is issuing corrected W-2 forms to all employees. County employees were notified of the errors on Friday.

“This is certainly a regrettable system error,” Barbour said. “As we’ve being working through the Oracle stabilization period, a number of issues like this have come up. We understand employees’ frustration. Our staff who work on Oracle functions have been working tirelessly to prevent and correct errors associated with Oracle.”

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