Letter: James Sivard, Leesburg

Editor: Stephen Price omitted an important statistic in his elaborate attempt to justify the statue of a Confederate soldier in front of the Leesburg courthouse: 620,000 Americans died as a direct result of the Confederacy’s attempt to secede from the United States! This was a significant percentage of the population at the time (23,200,000).

The number of dead from this bloody conflict almost equals the total of deaths from all other U.S. conflicts. I don’t believe we should celebrate the people who caused this disaster.

James Sivard, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: James Sivard, Leesburg

  • 2018-02-12 at 9:18 am

    And you are omitting an important part of Mr. Price’s letter–Virginia retained the right of secession in its ratification of the Constitution. So, Virginia’s secession (can’t say the same for the other states) was entirely within the state’s legal rights, which greatly complicates the discussion. Therefore, the actual cause of the Civil War deaths you cite was the Union’s invasion of Virginia which had legally separated from the United States.

    If our schools actually taught history, maybe people would have a better understanding of the Civil War amongst other things.

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