Loudoun Zoning Work Plan Includes Short-Term Rentals, Affordable Housing

While the Envision Loudoun project contemplates the sweep of the county’s comprehensive plan, the county leaders  also takes on smaller, year-to-year zoning changes each year with the  Zoning Ordinance Amendment Work Program.

Some of those projects carry over from 2017, such as the streamlining process for legislative review of zoning applications, creating new regulations for child care homes, and a review and update of zoning ordinance parking requirements.

Others are new, such as accessory uses for manufacturing in the Planned Development-Industrial Park zoning district, rules for short-term residential rentals, affordable housing, and simplifying the zoning conversion process.

The county has already begun addressing short-term residential rentals, in particular by convening a working group to study the topic. In 2018, county leaders hope to set out rules for the frequency and number of guests, parking, and special events. There are also expected to be new rules in the county’s codified ordinances to handle health and fire safety rules if necessary.

The Board of Supervisors’ Transportation and Land Use Committee will also take the first look at reviewing and revising zoning standards to incentivize affordable housing in the county. The county aims to break down the regulatory barriers to affordable housing, work that began in 2016 with a change to Loudoun’s rules to open local projects up to state and federal grants.

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