Leesburg Adopts ‘Anti-Hate Statement’ as Racist Propaganda Campaign Continues

A week after the Loudoun Board of Supervisors declined to do so, a unanimous Leesburg Town Council on Tuesday night adopted a formal resolution condemning the distribution of racist propaganda.

The “Anti-Hate Statement” reads in part: “the Town of Leesburg denounces and rejects ALL ideologies based on hatred and intolerance, including racism, xenophobia, and homophobia, and further rejects each and every group that espouses and actively promotes these ideologies.”

It goes on to say that the town will support law enforcement in identifying the people responsible for distributing the fliers and the town “will seek to persuade and encourage the local Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, the State of Virginia’s Attorney General’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office to be aggressive in seeking charges against any hate group to the extent that their activities within the Town of Leesburg, Loudoun County and the State of Virginia violate local, state, or federal law.”

The action comes in response to a series of incidents in which individuals distributed racist and anti-Semetic KKK recruitment fliers in the driveways of some Leesburg homes and at other areas around Loudoun county. The periodic distributions, which began at Halloween, have been done under the cover of darkness late on weekend nights. So far, police efforts to find witnesses or surveillance footage showing the perpetrators have been unsuccessful.

Loudoun NAACP President Phillip E. Thompson commended the council for taking a public stand on the issue.

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