Letter: Erik van Weezendonk, Leesburg

Editor: “Hey Erik,” my neighbor asks, “did you find a little baggie on your lawn these past few days?” I can only hope it’s a dog walker and the bag is filled with poop. No such luck. However, it is filled with poop, but of a different kind. Just like stepping in dog poop, it just cannot be ignored. So, I write to you, the one who dropped little baggies of #$% in our peaceful neighborhood this past weekend.

Keep it simple, Erik, because if the folks passing their garbage around can read (did they even graduate beyond middle school?) you’ll want to write at a level they can understand. I tell myself this as I write this letter. Don’t use big words. Don’t say “ignorant” or “uneducated” or “intolerant”… just too many syllables for the miscreants. Oops, there’s another big word.

I want to say thank you to the stupid bigot who shared the unsolicited (=I didn’t ask for this) vitriolic (=filled with malice) garbage. Thanks to you, I get to share with my children the First Amendment, the need for education, for tolerance, and how littering is done by people who aren’t very smart.

They are cowards who use the cover of night, much like a KKK Klansman who hides under a hood. A real man (because you are not) would at least take a stand and show his face.

You quote the Bible and Christianity. Good for you. I attend church, too, having come to Christ later in life. My pastor preaches loves and respect and reads straight from the Bible. As a matter of fact, Jesus even said, “A new command I give you: Love one another,” John 13:34. You should try to practice what He preached, not pervert the Bible to your own. What church do you attend? What Bible are you reading from?

Finally, on the off-chance that this whole hate-campaign is a prank, a joke, or just a way to rile the masses—please stop, because it isn’t funny. It’s sad and hurtful and it shows us you haven’t grown up, yet.

Erik van Weezendonk, Leesburg

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