Letter: Rick Canton, Sterling

Editor: “Since certain members refuse to change their minds on these important issues, we need to change their seats – with women.”  These words are found on Jennifer Wexton’s official Facebook page as a response to legislation she tried to get passed in Virginia’s General Assembly.

As a male, in Virginia, and as Jennifer Wexton’s constituent, they disgust me. They offend me. And they should offend every man, woman, and child in Virginia. They should also offend everyone in the country, seeing as how Jennifer Wexton is vying for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for the 10th District of Virginia. Our public school kids in civics class should see these words as an example of what not to say, or feel, as an elected official. This type of hateful rhetoric shouldn’t be tolerated in any workplace, much less in the public square.

Why isn’t the local media highlighting this obvious display of hateful gender bias that has no place in our political or public discord? Why hasn’t the Washington Post run a story about this? Replace the word “women” with “men” and imagine if Donald Trump has said the same thing. Do you think the national coverage for such an outrageous statement would ever stop? You know it wouldn’t. Liberals would lick their chops over such abhorrent, disgusting hate for women, and rightfully so. But this hate comes from a progressive liberal. So it gets a pass?

The Democrat Party of Virginia should condemn Jennifer Wexton’s hateful bias, as should the General Assembly. She should apologize for this and withdraw immediately from the race for VA10. A person so gender biased should be run out of the public square, not further elected into it.

Rick Canton, Sterling

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