In Wake of Florida School Shooting, Sheriff, Schools Cooperate to Keep Students Safe

In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florda, The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and Loudoun County Public Schools have issued a press release about their efforts to keep students safe. It reads:
“Loudoun County Public Schools and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office are deeply saddened by the tragic school shootings in Parkland, Florida. We join the nation in mourning the loss of 17 innocent lives, three adults and 14 children, who were senselessly murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. As parents, educators and public safety officials, we find it difficult to comprehend such a catastrophic event.
Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) and the Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) would like to remind you of safety procedures that are implemented across our school division. The Sheriff’s Office has stepped up patrols in the areas of our schools, and its school resource officers and detectives work diligently with school administrative and security staff to identify any potential areas of concern. Additionally, LCSO trains local police departments and fire-rescue personnel to address active threats, fires and other emergencies.
LCPS continues to be vigilant and proactive when it comes to the safety of our students and staff. LCPS is intentional about preparing, practicing and reflecting on safety and security measures every day.
Unfortunately, we cannot do this alone. We need your help. Consequently, we would like to remind parents, employees and students of their responsibility to report threats or suspicious activities. We would also like to remind our community of the safety procedures established at each of our county’s schools.
Among the safety and security measures in place at Loudoun County Public Schools:
  • The LCSO and the Leesburg Police Department have armed school resource officers (SRO’s) assigned to each middle and high school. Additionally, there are armed D.A.R.E. officers that have a part-time presence in elementary schools.
  • School-based security staff are assigned to each high school to provide additional security coverage.
  • All LCPS schools have strict visitor controls, including electronic door access technology. Visitors are required to show a valid ID and be processed through the Visitor Management System.
  • All school employees are trained and have access to the school’s Emergency Response Plan at all times.
  • LCPS, LCSO and local police departments conduct on-going threat assessments.
  • LCPS conducts lockdown drills.
  • Students and staff have been taught active reporting; “If You See Something, Say Something.” Schools provide school-wide behavioral expectations, positive interventions and supports, psychological and counseling services, as well as bullying programs and conflict mediation.
For immediate assistance in reporting a suspected school threat, you should call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number 703-777-1021 or dial 911. Suspected threats include obvious, known suspicious and/or threatening social media activity. You also may call 877-482-8477, the phone number for the Fusion Center. This is a collaborative effort of state and federal agencies working with local partners to identify, detect, prevent and respond to terrorist and criminal activity.
As part of the LCPS “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign, students, staff and families are encouraged to report suspicious activity to their school’s administration or a trusted adult at school. Passing this information to school and/or law enforcement authorities will enable investigators to determine the validity of the information, help minimize the spread of false information and allow for an appropriate follow up.
It’s important for you to know help is available through our schools. If you are concerned about your child or feel he or she needs additional support, and you would like to speak with a social worker or counselor, please contact your school’s principal or assistant principal.
Loudoun County Public Schools work in close coordination with our law enforcement partners. The safety of our students and employees is our Number One priority.

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