Bonfils to be Next Loudoun GOP Committee Chairman

After several years under the leadership of Will Estrada, Loudoun County Republican Committee Treasurer Jim Bonfils will take over as party chairman at the end of March.

Bonfils is member of the county’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space board and had served as interim supervisor for the Broad Run District following the resignation of Shawn Williams in 2015.

Estrada said he is stepping down because of his busy work schedule and desire to spend more time with his family.

“If you want a happy life, have a happy wife,” Estrada said.

But he said he’ll still be very active with the committee.

“I just felt the problem in politics is people don’t know when to leave,” Estrada said. “So I was like, you know what, we’ve had a tough two cycles, let’s give someone else a chance and maybe I’ll come back in a few years and run again.”

The committee had scheduled a March 17 mass meeting to elect a chairman and up to 503 committee members as part of the regular reorganization process. Bonfils was the only person to put in an application for the chairmanship and applications for committee membership did not exceed the available slots so the mass has been cancelled.

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